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Development of sustainable rangeland management practises in the communal lands of Namibia
Degradation of rangelands in drylands is occurring at an alarming rate worldwide both in developed and developing countries. Conventional rangeland management assumes overstocking to be the main cause of degradation and thus frequently recommends reducing stock numbers to fixed stocking rates as the primary management intervention. However, ... [more]

Identification, demonstration and adoption of appropriate eco-technologies to ensure sustainable resource management in Kwazulu Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces - South Africa
Identification, demonstration and adoption of appropriate eco-technologies to ensure sustainable resource management in Kwazulu Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces [more]

La culture d’igname et la gestion durable des sols - Madagascar
Cas du Menabe Central
Category: soil and water conservation - En 2002, avec le concours du Projet igname de la Faculté des sciences du l’Université d’Antananarivo sous le financement du FADES, un inventaire des espèces d’igname à été fait dans la région. Des essais de culture ont été fait à partir de l’année 2004 dans différentes localités dont les caractéristiques... [more]

Phola-Mahushu Community Egg and Vegetable Production Project - South Africa
Poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, are huge problems in many parts of rural South Africa. However, six women from villages in Mpumalanga Province have come together with the help of a successful woman mentor farmer, to empower themselves, their families and their communities, by establishing an egg production cooperative. Eggs are produ... [more]

Le semis direct sous couverture végétal dans la région Androy - Madagascar
L’expérience du projet GRET FASARA
Category: soil and water conservation Le semis direct sous couverture végétal dans la région Androy (in pdf-format) [more]

Fine-Tuning Farming Techniques through Farmer Schools
Peasant Farming Schools in Senegal
Land degradation: Water degradation by agrochemicals, vegetation degradation by deforestation Initiative by: ENDA PRONAT Initiative supported by: ENDA Senegal Revised Short Version: Fine-Tuning Farming Techniques through Farmer Schools - Peasant Farming Schools in Senegal (in pdf-format - 090914) [more]

The Heiveld Cooperative - South Africa
A vehicle for sustainable local development
Category: sustainable agriculture - In the semi-arid west of South Africa, an area of enormous biological diversity, previously disenfranchised small scale farmers have pooled their resources and long-held indigenous knowledge, establishing a successful farmers’ cooperative that exports fair trade and organic certified rooibos tea to niche ma... [more]

Building on a current green revolution in the Sahel
Some lessons from farmer-managed re-greening in Niger
Category: soil and water conservation - A recent study on long-term trends in agriculture and environment in Niger, which was done by the Centre for International Cooperation of the VU University of Amsterdam, uncovered the fact that farmers in the densely populated regions of Niger had protected and managed regeneration of trees on their far... [more]

Native Windbreaks in the Bolivian Altiplano
Control of desertification caused by Quinoa
Category: ecological restoration - The Southern Altiplano of Bolivia is one of the world’s harshest environments. Situated at over 3.500 metres above sea level, with a cold a dry climate, it is one of Bolivia’s desertification hotspots, with high levels of land degradation and poverty. At the same time, the region has a rich biodiversity, and... [more]

Windbreak Hedges at the Coastline - South Madagascar
Androy region (South-Madagascar)
Category: sustainable agriculture - The South of Madagascar is a semi-arid zone submitted to a dry and hot wind. The practice of agriculture there is difficult and the population is regularly subject to the risks of food insecurity. The windbreak hedges, at the level of the coastal zones, constitute a means of limiting the strengths of the win... [more]

Appui a la filière sorgho dans la region sêche de l’Androy (Sud de Madagascar)
Category: soil and water conservation - Sorgho is a plant that is adapted to dry zones. With other cultures of this type, it contributes to the preservation of soil and the fight against desertification in the region of Androy. Because of it's adaptation to the environment, the reintroduction of sorgho is an important activity within the scop... [more]

Recuperación de espacios verdes en la ciudad: primer Ecobarrio en Santiago de Chile
Iniciativa de la comunidad de vecinos de la Villa 4 Álamos, en la comuna de Maipú
Category: soil and water management - Enfrentados a una tala indiscriminada de parte de la autoridad, los vecinos de la villa Cuatro Álamos se organizaron para defender el pulmón verde que tenía la comuna de Maipú, en Santiago, la capital del país, que tiene una alta contaminación ambiental. Con la población ya sensibilizada por el conflicto, ... [more]

Restoring Biodiversity with Native Plants - Chile
Indigenous Communities Responding to Monoculture Tree Plantations
Category: soil and water conservation - Land degradation: Vegetation degradation by extensive forestry monoculture, soil and water degradation by agro-chemical use Initiative by: Hguallen Pelu Mapu Initiative reported by: OLCA Revised Short Version: Indigenous Communities Responding to Monoculture Tree Plantations- Restoring Biodiversity wi... [more]

Annulation of the decision of the cabinet on turning Dalaman Agricultural Enterprise into Culture and Tourism Protection and Enhancement - Turkey
Category: soil and water conservation -   Dalaman Agricultural Enterprise was established during the Ottoman period. The enterprise is governed within the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) and it contributes to the agricultural production, contributes to the country economy and creates an added value to the district. Th... [more]

Biogas a reality in the valley of the Senegal river in Mauritania
Animal waste, an inexhaustible energy source
Category: soil and water conservation -   The environment of the valley of the Senegal stream is very fragile and exposed to several factors of deterioration. Indeed, this small strip of less than 20 km along the Senegal stream constitutes the main agricultural zone of the country. This valley plays an essential role in food security at the na... [more]

Media Tour - Uzbekistan
Raising environmental awareness of journalists and the public
Category: soil and water conservation - Uzbekistan’s mass media provide no special coverage of ecological issues. Meantime, the country is experiencing degradation of land and desertification. It is subject to draught and lack of water. Water resources are scarce. The public will not be able to gain an insight into the situation without a fr... [more]

Establishment of the Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a model for biodiversity conservation - Uzbekistan
An UNDP/GEF project, March 2001-2007
Uzbekistan - Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a model for biodiversity conservation - Category: ecological restoration [more]

The Cütlük Saffron Project - Turkey
The Protection of Saffron Gene Resources and the Improvement of Saffron Agriculture
Category: sustainable agriculture -  Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) which is known as "Turkish Saffron" until the beginning of the 20th century, is one of the oldest and most expensive spices in the world. The project aimed to revive saffron cultivation which was almost forgotten till that time. The project is important in using saffron as a tool... [more]

Programme éducatif et opérationnel de développement durable pour une approche globale de la lutte contre la désertification
Programme éducatif et opérationnel de développement durable, 4 ans, 2004-2007
Niger - Local sustainable development in the Niamey region - Category: soil and water conservation [more]

Access to Clean Water in Remote Parts of Sindh Province
poverty alleviation, drought mitigation through rain-water harvesting in the Arid Region of Sindh Kohistan (Sindh Province of Pakistan)
Pakistan - Water Resource Management Programme Sindh Province - Category: soil and water conservation [more]

One Million Cisterns for Water Harvesting in North East Brazil
A program of civil society, in partnership with the government and private sectors which provides the construction of 1.000.000 cisterns in Brazil´s semi-arid region
Category: water harvesting - In the semi-arid region of Brazil (895.937 square kilometers) rains are erratic, often coming in downpours followed by long dry periods even in the rainy season. For 12 million people living in the rural areas of this region (as of the year 2000) access to drinking water is problematic during much of the year, par... [more]

Participatory afforestation for carbon sequestration in Drylands - Iran
Birjand Carbon Sequestration Project
Category: ecological restoration - The project has been designed to demonstrate that desertified rangelands can be cost-effectively reclaimed by, and for the benefit of, local people and that there is significant potential to sequestrate carbon in plants and soil in these areas for overall global benefit. The project will use participatory app... [more]

Sous-programme d´appui à la mise en oeuvre du Plan d´Action National de Lutte Contre la Desertification dans le Rif Central (SA-PAN)
SA PAN-Rif Central
Morocco - Fight against rural poverty and desertification - Category: ecological restoration [more]

An integrated multi-institutional approach to improved water management in communal lands - South Africa
A case of Potshini in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
South Africa - An integrated multi-institutional approach to improved water management in communal lands: A case of Potshini in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - category: sustainable agriculture A densely populated rural community in the foothills of South Africa’s Drakensberg refuses to give in to land degradation and poverty. Most people practi... [more]

Mise en défense et reboisement - Senegal
Démultiplication de l´expérience Thiambène Till
Category: soil and water conservation   Summary  The lack of water, the difficulties involved in dividing it between human, animal and vegetable needs and poor management when it does exist create permanent tensions between users which is harmful for production systems. Because of the intense exploitation of natural resources, the soil qual... [more]

La réserve naturelle de Popenguine - Senegal
Une expérience de développement durable basée sur la conservation de la biodiversité
The creation of the Popenguine Nature Reserve is relatively recent, in that it was established only in 1986 ; and until recently, was the latest addition to the network of senegalese parks and reserves, set up to ensure the perpetuity of the country's natural heritage. In actual fact, the history of this space, declared « protected reserve... [more]

Enforcement of Law and Soil Protection and Land Improvement by TEMA
Environmental Law, Policy, Law on soil protection and management, land management, prevention of soil degradation
For the first time in Turkish history, a law on conservation of soil and land management is issued by the efforts of an NGO; which is the "The Law on Soil Protection and Land Improvement". TEMA Foundation together with its volunteers from all parts of the society actively lobbied for the approval of this law by the parliament. These activities ... [more]

A municipal plan of action for urban agriculture in Nouakchott - Mauritania
Food security, fight against poverty and urban management in a context of scarcity of water resources - profile diagnosis (2001-2004)
Category: sustainable agriculture - In a process of research - action initiated by the French-speaking Network for the development of urban agriculture, a profile diagnosis on agriculture in the city of Nouakchott is elaborated. It is about a diagnosis and an analysis of the constraints to which is confronted agriculture in the city (deficit i... [more]

The Underground Gardens of Bushire - Iran
Indigenous technology coming from Elamite period of history to cope with desertification
Category: rainwater harvesting -  Situated in the south of Iran, the province of Bushire (Bushehr) has an arid and hot climate in which the temperature can reach over 50 degrees. In these very desert regions of Iran, local communities have developed ingenious ways of coping with nearly desert conditions. A unique example of this is the underg... [more]

Developing a Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP)
Land and Resource management- Assessment of the current situation in the Ak- Derbent region in Kyrgyzstan
  Assessment of the Current Situation, Increasing Public Awareness,Developing a Local Environmental Action Plan in the Okmotu aul of the Ak-Derbent region, Kyrgyzstan (30/11/06 - 30/06/07) The objective was to assess land use problems of the Ak-Debrnet Okmotu aul located in the Chui valley (North from Bishkek) that is in the Alamudunskyi regi... [more]

Durabilité des systèmes de production et de la sécurité alimentaire dans les ayllus de la zone Intersalar (Potosi) (2004 – 2007)
Un projet d'AVSF membre du groupe de travail désertification (GTD)
Ce projet d'appui à la production agricole et à l'élevage en Bolivie montre comment le développement local est de nature à répondre à des problèmes d'environnement global. En effet, il s'agit ici de rétablir un équilibre durable entre les pratiques agricoles et d'élevage et le contexte économique dont dépend le revenu des populations locales ; ... [more]

Agro ecological Program of support to the agricultural and pastoral development (2000 - 2006)
Mali-Algerie – Agro ecological Program of support to the agricultural and pastoral development – Category: oasis [more]

Promoting Camel Milk as Health Food and Speciality Item - India
Camels convert natural dry land vegetation into tasty treats
Category: rangeland management -  The camel is part and parcel of Rajasthan's culture and tradition, and once presented the greatest bulwark of desert people against droughts. Camel husbandry is an ingenious way of converting the scattered and seasonally varying vegetation of dry lands into animal protein and energy. But with the emphasis give... [more]

Mist-catchers in the coastal boarder of the Atacama Desert - Chile
Experimental Area for Agriculture in Desert Areas Utilizing Water from the Atmosphere
Category: rainwater harvesting - In one of the most arid regions of the world, the Atacama Desert, in the north of Chile, there is a unique project being developed. The goal of this project is to improve the life condition of the local community whose lifestyle and subsistence was lost as a consequence of the pollution created by mining activit... [more]

Mobile pastoralists in Iran
From wintering grounds to summer pastures- biannual transhumance
Category: rangeland management -  The Bakhtiari are the largest of all Persian tribes. The annual Bakhtiari migration in April from their Garmsir (wintering ground) or winter quarters in Khuzestan, to their Sardsir, or summer pastures in south-west of Esfehan, takes four to six weeks. It is an epic of human courage and endurance in which men, ... [more]

Combating desertification through agro-forestry approaches in semi-arid Tharparkar district - Pakistan
Implementation of a concept to plant and protect trees in Thar region
Category: agro-forestry - The livelihood and food base of people of Tharparkar depends largely on grazing animals and partially on subsistent agriculture. Agriculture is mainly dependent on monsoonal rains which are erratic and variable in quantity and to a very little extent, sweet groundwater is available at very few places. By the initiati... [more]

The Kop and Burnazdere Microcatchments in Bayburt region - Turkey
Erosion control, natural resources management and rural development in Bayburt Region
Category: ecological restoration -  Erosion and desertification are global problems. The Destruction of vegetation and soil are often in combination with water shortages-lead in many places to poverty, crisis and emigration. In Turkey deforestation and destruction of natural vegetation began in ancient times and has continued to present day. A... [more]

Politics to prevent desertification - Bolivia
Responsible soybean management
Category: sustainable agriculture -  The Responsible Management of Soybeans is a programme that operates in the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and aims to reduce the environmental and social impacts generated by soy cultivation in this country. One of the main impacts caused by the intensive and widespread cultivation of soy is land degrad... [more]

Korangadu - Tamil Nadu, India
A centuries-old system of private pastureland management
"Korangadu" are privately owned pasturelands in semi-arid tracts of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, that support grazing of livestock by both landed and landless livestock keepers. Korangadu pasturelands exist in more than 500 villages in a compact or contiguous area (4,000 sq km) and the total grassland area is about 50,000ha. This gr... [more]

Polyculture in Brazilian Drylands
A New Version of an Old Technique