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Inspiring initiatives
namibia12.jpg Development of sustainable rangeland management practises in the communal lands of Namibia
Degradation of rangelands in drylands is occurring at an alarming rate worldwide both in developed and developing countries. Conventional rangeland management assumes overstocking to be the mai...  > more
iucn_wpc.jpg CENESTA Participation in the 6th IUCN World Parks Congress
The 6th IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC), a once in a decade event was held in Sydney, Australia, from 12 to 19th of November 2014 http://worldparkscongress.org/. Over 6000 participants from over 17...  > more
strength_of_advocacy.jpg The Strength of Lobbying and Advocacy
The publication ‘The strength of lobbying and advocacy’, developed by Drynet member BothENDS in cooperation with partners, is now available in English. This makes the information accessible to ever...  > more